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Department: Filter Division

Reporting: Manager of Filter Processing

Date last modified: October 23, 2019


Summary statement


The incumbent has ownership and expertise for shipment preparation and inventory control for finished goods and semi-finished goods. The incumbent acts as the primary contact for operations in that area and is responsible for documentation, ordering supplies and training other employees.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Performing the final inspection of finished product before it is shipped to the customer.
  2. Packaging finished products for shipping, including:
    • Final QC of product form and appearance.
    • Compliance with customer and product-specific packaging requirements.
    • Collection, preparation and distribution of all required accompanying data.
    • Compliance with customer and product-specific label requirements.
  3. Performing audits of materials in inventory and reviewing archived materials.Receiving and launching of work in progress, which involves making decisions on the viability of the product to progress through to the next phase of processing.
  4. Documenting work procedures and product requirements.
  5. Training of other employees on work procedures.
  6. Responsible for ensuring adequate materials and supplies for their area of expertise.
  7. Follows safety procedures as set out in the Health and Safety policy and internal trainings
  8. All other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications and Skills


  1. Graduation from a Community College in Technology or the equivalent.
  2. Quick learner of computer based systems.
  3. Demonstrated competence and facility with Microsoft Excel and Word, including the ability to create custom formatted reports and labels, create formatted graphs of data, etc.
  4. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively.
  6. Ability to make decisions using good judgment.





Working Conditions


  1. This position involves significant responsibility and requires independent decision making.
  2. This position requires working with strict deadlines on a daily basis.


Type of Supervision Received


Priorities on how to carry out task assignments may be set by the incumbent. Yearly performance reviews and setting of annual performance goals is done together with the Director of Planning and Logistics.