Department: Filter Processing

Location: Swansea

Reporting: Filter Processing Supervisor

Date last modified: April 28, 2021


Summary Statement


The incumbent performs tasks related to post-coating operations. These duties include loading of filters into automated systems, visual inspection of products, filter cleaning and annealing.  This position requires the ability to work on nights (10:00pm – 6:30am)



Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Loading of automated systems.
  2. Measurement of coated parts with the use of spectrometers and other measurement systems.
  3. Visual inspection of products.
  4. Annealing of filters based on an approved curve.
  5. Data entry into various computer programs as required.
  6. Follows safety procedures as set out in the Health and Safety policy and internal trainings.
  7. Any other assigned duties


Minimum Qualifications and Skills


  1. Graduation from high school or the equivalent.
  2. Reliable performance and quality work with minimum supervision.
  3. Ability to work effectively as part of a team.
  1. Manual dexterity and ability to handle small precision parts.
  2. Ability to see through a microscope.
  3. Ability to perform under time pressures.


Working Conditions


  1. Frequent use of a microscope.
  2. Frequent exposure to controlled substances.
  3. Execution of repetitive tasks, often involving small parts.
  4. Certify for CGP (Controlled Goods Program)



Type of Supervision Received

 Task assignment is through the Production Supervisor or shift lead. Yearly performance reviews and setting of annual performance goals are together with the Filter Processing Supervisor.