Buyer Planner

Iridian Spectral Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high-performance optical filters for a range of applications including telecommunications, spectroscopy, entertainment, space and automotive. All of our operations take place in our headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. We currently have an opening for a Buyer-Planner to support manufacturing by managing the supply of critical materials.  

Information Technologist

The Information Technologist will operate and maintain Iridian’s IT infrastructure as well as providing technical and operational IT support to all departments.
For more information on the Information Technologist position at Iridian, please click the on link below.

Filter Processing Technologist

The primary role of the Filter Processing Technologist is to perform measurements and analyses and to make decision based on these in the pursuit of filter processing. To apply for this job, click on the link below.

Evening Polishing Technician

The incumbent performs tasks related to post-coating operations with the purpose of taking coated parts and putting them to final size based on specifications.  To apply for this job, click on the “Read More” link below.