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Shipping & Inventory Technologist

Department: Filter Division Reporting: Manager of Filter Processing Date last modified: October 23, 2019   Summary statement   The incumbent has ownership and expertise for shipment preparation and inventory control for finished goods and semi-finished goods. The...

Sales Engineer

Iridian Spectral Technologies is a High-Tech company in Ottawa that is a world-leading supplier of optical thin film filters used in telecommunications, spectroscopic instrumentation, satellites, astronomy and 3D cinema. The company has been in existence for 21 years...

Information Technologist

The Information Technologist will operate and maintain Iridian’s IT infrastructure as well as providing technical and operational IT support to all departments.
For more information on the Information Technologist position at Iridian, please click the on link below.

Iridian Expanding LiDAR Filter Capacity

Ottawa, Canada, August 26, 2019 – Iridian has recently expanded our filter capacity for LiDAR sensing application. Our Iridian LiDAR filters feature narrow bandwidth, higher transmission and low angular wavelength shift for wider AOI range. For more information on...

Hybrid GFF

Hybrid GFF Iridian now offers Hybrid-GFF with additional optical capabilities. For example, it can block the pump laser from light in the range of approximately 980 nm or 1480 nm while providing gain flattening for signal light amplification without the need for an...

Datacom Filters

As data storage and computing resources enter the cloud, the demand for storage and data transfer capacity in the Data Center has increased dramatically.