Telecom Applications

Iridian has a long history as a leading global supplier of optical filters for the telecommunications industry.  Iridian, an independently owned company, is focused on the production of optical filters and does not compete with its customers in the application area of these filters at the component level.

Iridian can provide telecom filters at competitive prices in high volumes (Iridian ships 10,000 to 40,000 telecom filters per week).  Iridian is active in all the following telecom applications below – providing an indication of the diverse types of telecom filters that Iridian supplies:

telecom with earth lighting

  • Wavelength Multiplexing and De-Multiplexing

Multi-wavelength transport in optical fibers for telecom, cable and wireless backbone (LTE) applications).

[nice-button link=”/product-category/telecom/cwdm”] CWDM Product Line[/nice-button]

[nice-button link=”/product-category/telecom-filters/dwdm-filters/”] DWDM Product Line[/nice-button]


  • Optical Amplification/Gain Flattening

Required to equalize DWDM channel strengths after optical amplification

[nice-button link=”/product-category/telecom/gain-flattening”] GFF Product Line[/nice-button]


  • Laser Wavelength Stabilization (C-, L- and U-Bands)

For wavelength identification and wavelength locking applications

[nice-button link=”/product-category/telecom/etalon/”] Etalons[/nice-button]

[nice-button link=”/product/single-cavity-etalons/”] Single Cavity Filters[/nice-button]

[nice-button link=”/product-category/telecom/linear-transmittance”] Linear Transmittance Filters[/nice-button]


  • Pulse Dispersion Compensation

For 40 and 100 Gbit/s optical network to restore optical pulse shape

[nice-button link=”/product/dispersion-compensating-etalons/”] Dispersion Compensating Etalons[/nice-button]


  • Fiber-to-the-Home/Business (FTTx)

High-speed ethernet access for homes and businesses

[nice-button link=”/product-category/telecom/fttx/”] FTTx Product Line[/nice-button]


  • Fiber Line Monitoring

Special fiber wavelengths used to monitor signal performance

[nice-button link=”/product-category/tap/”] Tap Couplers and BeamSplitting Filters[/nice-button]


Please contact us if you have specific telecom applications that you would to discuss.