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Product Engineer

The focus of the position is to develop new optical interference filter products by clarifying the physical and optical requirements and identifying the fabrication, measurement, and test processes, and acting as the project manager for feasibility, prototyping and validation activities.

A high level of inter-departmental collaboration is required in the initial implementation and troubleshooting, and to incorporate new processes into the manufacturing of the filters. The Product Engineer negotiates access to production equipment as required for specific development activities. This position will require extensive hands-on familiarity with all of Iridian’s fabrication, measurement and tests equipment.

Information Systems Developer

This position is to develop and support the various aspects of in-house custom database applications using standardized database tables and coding style and to provide IT support to the company

Filter Processing Technologist

The primary role of the Filter Processing Technologist is to perform measurements and analyses and to make decision based on these in the pursuit of filter processing. To apply for this job, click on the link below.

Deposition Technologist

This position involves the preparation of the multiple deposition chambers for production runs including but not limited to verification of target status, sandblasting and cleaning of deposition shields, preparation of substrate holders and troubleshooting when problems arise.

Junior Automation Engineer Position

The company is opening up a new position in the Automation Group where the primary role is to develop, extend and maintain automation and control systems and software in a fast paced high technology manufacturing environment.  The position includes exposure to hardware control systems, machine automation, programmable controllers (PLCs), servo and stepper motors, human-machine interfaces (HMI), control software, and information systems.

Information Technologist

The Information Technologist will operate and maintain Iridian’s IT infrastructure as well as providing technical and operational IT support to all departments.
For more information on the Information Technologist position at Iridian, please click the on link below.