Filter Processing Dicing Technologist

The primary role of the Filter Processing Dicing Technologist is to perform advanced operation and understanding of dicing saws and peripheral equipment such as wafer washers, tape mounters, and UV curing machines.

Process Manufacturing Engineer

The focus of the position is to increase manufacturing productivity through the improvement of optical filter products and the processes used to manufacture and characterize these products.

Machine Shop Technician

Department: Mechanical Support Location: Swansea Reporting: Lead machinist Date last modified: February 4, 2021   Summary statement Support the efforts in the machine shop by cleaning, organizing, and maintaining the machine shop in accordance with lean manufacturing...

Hardware/Software Support Specialist

Department: Optical and Mechanical Support Reporting: Director, OMS   Summary statement   The purpose of this job is to increase manufacturing productivity by developing, improving or troubleshooting automated manufacturing systems.   Major Duties and...

Filter Processing Technician (Night Shift)

Department: Filter Processing Location: Swansea Reporting: Filter Processing Supervisor Date last modified: April 28, 2021   Summary Statement   The incumbent performs tasks related to post-coating operations. These duties include loading of filters into automated...

Filter Processing Dicing Technician

Iridian Spectral Technologies manufactures high performance optical filters for a range of applications including telecommunications, bioscience, spectroscopy, space and entertainment. The filters are deposited onto glass substrates and cut into shapes as needed. The Dicing Technician will operate the dicing saws used for precision cutting of filters with rectangular shapes.

Filter Processing Technologist

The primary role of the Filter Processing Technologist is to perform measurements and analyses and to make decision based on these in the pursuit of filter processing. To apply for this job, click on the link below.

Applications Engineer/Physicist

The company currently has a vacancy in its group of Applications Engineers. The focus of the position is on the design, manufacture and performance of thin film optical filters.

Deposition Technologist

This position involves the preparation of the multiple deposition chambers for production runs including but not limited to verification of target status, sandblasting and cleaning of deposition shields, preparation of substrate holders and troubleshooting when problems arise.