Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring


Iridian supplies a number of the leading OEMs with the filter technology required for their environmental monitoring instrumentation and also serves the research, prototype and replacement market.

Many chemical and molecular species have an unique set of spectral emission or absorption lines that can be used to identify them when illuminated by a light source.  These spectral lines cover the visible (VIS), near-IR (NIR), mid-wave IR (MWIR) and long-wave IR (LWIR) wavelength regions.  Analytical instruments such as PAS Gas detection systems are designed to detect these emission or absorption lines for applications as diverse as remote earth sensing, gas detection and chemical processing.

lridian’s MLWIR BPF capabilities provide narrow, high transmission band-pass filters in the 2-15 um wavelength region enabling optical systems to detect the presence and concentration of gases of interest in environmental or process analysis applications.

NEW! Iridian now offers custom band-pass and edge-pass filters in the 10-15 um range.


Iridian can supply spectral emission line filters from the UV (340 nm) up to the LWIR (15 um).  UV-visible spectral line emission filters have bandwidths varying from 1-20 nm, depending on the application requirements, while mid-longwave IR emission and absorption line filters have bandwidths of up to several hundred nm.

Filters for remote sensing and environmental monitoring:

Laser Line Filters

IR Filters + many others 



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