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Highest Quality Mid IR Bandpass Filters

Designed to optimize detection of spectral emission line

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Mid IR Bandpass Filters

Iridian’s SWIR, MWIR and LWIR bandpass filters are designed to optimize detection of spectral emission lines.

These filters are deposited using energetic sputtering, which makes them very hard and durable.

  • Reliability as per MIL-C-48497A
  • RoHS compliant

The resulting filters also have exceptionally high transmittance levels and blocking from the visible to the LWIR. Iridian has off-the-shelf band pass filters for many of the wavelengths commonly used for gas detection.

Available gas lines include:

  • H2O, CH4, CO2, CO, N2O, O3

Other wavelengths can also be supplied.

We also provide custom-made SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR Bandpass filters for your needs. For custom requirements and quotes on our Mid IR Bandpass filters, click here.

To learn why the right filter Is key to lower-cost and faster time-to-market MWIR equipment, check out our white page on this very topic .

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GraphCWL [nm]Bandwidth [nm]Tx Level (%)ProductPrice From
BPF 2700-120270012080BPF 2700-120US$295.00
BPF 3460-140346014080BPF 3460-140US$295.00
BPF 4260-120426012080BPF 4260-120US$265.00
5500-BPF-163, FWHM 1635500163705500-BPF-163, FWHM 163US$265.00