Nano Edge

Iridian now offers Nano-Edge long pass filters (LPFs)! These edge pass filters have the steepest edge available on the market, offering unparalleled access to low frequency Raman modes.

Iridian’s Nano-Edge LPFs offer cut-offs of <26 cm-1 (for 785 nm), corresponding to 0.2% of the laser wavelength; even steeper than Iridian’s market-leading ultra-steep LPFs (cut-offs 90%), low ripple (OD 6).

This capability has been demonstrated for Nano-Edge LPFs at 488, 514.5, 532, 633 and 785 nm.

The use of our nano edge filters requires special attention to system optical design and performance, which are described in our Raman Edge Filter Tutorial.

Please contact us to further discuss how Iridian’s market-leading performance can benefit your instruments and Raman systems.

GraphLaser Line [nm]Cutoff: Laser line -50% (nm)Cutoff: Laser line -50% (cm-1)Pass Band [nm]Product
488 Nano Edge488141491 - 1200488 Nano Edge
532 Nano Edge5321.138535 - 1200532 Nano Edge
633 Nano Edge LPF6331.332637-1200633 Nano Edge LPF
785 Nano Edge7851.626789 - 1200785 Nano Edge

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