Short Pass Filters

Short Pass filters block wavelengths higher than the specified edge wavelength and transmit wavelengths lower than the edge down to a minimum wavelength.

Iridian’s SPFs have a steep edge making them suitable for Raman applications or wherever a very sharp transition between the transmitted and the blocked wavelengths is required. In addition, these SPFs have a low ripple in the passband to meet the demanding specifications of spectroscopy instruments.

GraphLaser Line [nm]Cutoff: Laser line -50% [nm]Cutoff: Laser line -50% [cm-1]Pass Band [nm]Product
488 US SPF4881.770350 - 485488 US SPF
514.5 US SPF514.51.970350 - 512514.5 US SPF
532 US SPF532270350 - 529532 US SPF
632.8 US SPF632.82.460380 - 629632.8 US SPF
785 US SPF7853.150470 - 779785 US SPF

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