Laser Line

Iridian’s laser line filters are amongst the best in the world featuring high transmittance (greater than 90% in the pass band); narrow bandwidth (1-3 nm) and excellent blocking from 300 to 1200 nm. Iridian’s laser line filters are optimized to reduce the spectral noise of a laser source and pass only the desired laser wavelength through a steep transition from pass band to deep blocking.

Iridian’s standard laser line filters have full width, half-maximum (FWHM) bandwidths varying from 1-3 nm and better than OD 3 blocking from 300 to 1200 nm outside the passband wavelength region.

Custom Laser Line Filters

In addition to the standard Laser Line filters, Iridian can custom manufacture a laser line filter to your specification (laser wavelength, desired FWHM, angle of incidence, polarization, blocking range).

GraphCWL [nm]Blocking Range [nm]Product
405 BPF405300 - 1200405 BPF
488 BPF488300 - 1200488 BPF
514.5 BPF514.5300 - 1200514.5 BPF
532 BPF532300 - 1200532 BPF
633 BPF633300 - 1200633 BPF
638 BPF638300 - 1200638 BPF
785 BPF785300 - 1200785 BPF
830 BPF830300 - 1200830 BPF
1064 BPF1064300 - 12001064 BPF

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