Tri-band optical filters are used for wave division multiplexing (WDM) in fiber to the home or business (FTTx) applications. Iridian’s WDM triband filters for FTTx applications have been described as the best in the world by some of our customers.

Iridian FTTx Filters Advantage:

Iridian’s tri-band FTTx filters feature very sharp transition between the reflect and pass bands while still maintaining very low insertion loss and pass band ripple. Our standard FTTx product line includes both shortpass filters (SPF) and longpass filters (LPF) for a range of wavelengths (UV, visible and NIR – 400 to 2200nm) and for various angles of incidence (AOI). Extra wide wavelength blocking is also available.

Custom FTTx Filters

In addition to the standard FTTx Filters above, Iridian can custom manufacture these filters to your specifications.

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GraphPass Bandwidth [nm]Blocking Range [nm]Product
WDM SPF TriBand1260-1360; 1480-15001550 - 1560WDM SPF TriBand
WDM LPF TriBand1550-15601260 - 1360; 1480 - 1500WDM LPF TriBand

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