532 US LPF

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12.5 mm
25 mm

Product Specifications:

Optical Specifications
Laser Line [nm] 532.0
Blocking Level [OD] 6
Cutoff [cm-1] 50
Cutoff [%] <0.5%
Pass Band [nm] 535.4 - 1200
Pass Band Level [%] 90
Pass Band Ripple [%] 4
Angle of Incidence [degrees] 0 - 1
Physical Specifications
Outer Diameter [mm] 12.5 +0/-0.1 (12.5mm) or 25 +0/-0.2 (25mm)
Clear Aperture [mm] 8 (12.5 mm) or 21 (25mm)
Filter thickness [mm] 3.0 +/-0.1
Ring Thickness [mm] 5.0 +/-0.1
Ring mounted yes
Scratch / Dig 60/40
Environmental Testing MIL-STD-810F
Mechanical Durability MIL-C-48497A

532nm DPSS lasers can vary in wavelength by +/-0.5nm or much more. Iridian 532nm ultrasteep LPFs are designed to operate at 0 degrees AOI and with a laser wavelength of 532.0nm. A variation of +0.5nm in wavelength can decrease the blocking to OD4; +1nm can decrease the blocking to OD1. Iridian ultrasteep LPF filters must be paired with very precisely known laser wavelengths to realize high OD and low cutoff. Iridian produces laser line edge pass filters for users who have larger uncertainty in AOI and wavelength, please inquire for more details.