DWDM 1309 800GHz

To specify a single channel DWDM filter for a specific channel spacing and wavelength, please contact us.


Product Specifications:

Optical Specifications
Angle of Incidence [degrees] 1.8
Center Wavelength [nm] 1309.14
Operating Wavelength Range [nm] 1290 to 1315
Pass Bandwidth Bandwidth [nm] @ level [dB]
2.6 -0.3
Pass Band Ripple [dB] <0.2
Reflect Channel Isolation [dB] 13
Reflect Bandwidth Bandwidth [nm] @ level [dB]
6.4 -26
Adjacent Channel Isolation [dB] >30
AR on Back Surface [%R] <0.2
Temperature Coefficient [pm/deg C] <1
Storage Temperature Range [deg C] -15 to + 75
Environmental Testing Telcordia GR1221
Mechanical Durability Telcordia GR1221

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