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GFF L-Band

To specify your gain flattening filter, please complete the contact us.

Product Specifications:

Optical Specifications
Wavelength Range [nm]L-Band
Angle of Incidence [degrees]3
Angle Tuning [degrees]2-4
Peak-to-Peak Error Function [dB]< 0.4
Insertion Loss [dB]< 0.2
Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) [dB]< 0.1
Temperature Coefficient [pm/deg C]< 2
Operating Temperature Range [deg C]-40 to +85
Storage Temperature Range [deg C]-40 to +85
Backsurface AR at Pass Band Region [%]< 0.2
Physical Specifications
Part Size
Width [mm]Length [mm]Thickness [mm]
1.4 (+/- 0.1)1.4 (+/- 0.1)1.0 (+/- 0.2)
Wedge Angle [degs]0 to 0.5
Surface Quality60/40
Environmental TestingTelcordia GR1221
Mechanical DurabilityTelcordia GR1221
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