IR Filters

Iridian has the capability to manufacture standard filter types (AR, beamsplitters, bandpass and edge filters) in the SWIR (1.4-3 µm) and MWIR (3-10 µm) spectral ranges.

Iridian’s SWIR and MWIR coatings are deposited by sputtering which makes them very robust.  As one example of IR filters, Iridian supplies off-the-shelf band pass filters for many of the spectral bands commonly used for gas detection. Some examples shown below include H20, CH4, CO2, CO, N2O, and O3. Other transmission bands can be supplied for custom order. The filters offer high transmittance over the spectral regions of interest and high blocking across the rest of the operating wavelength range.

IR Filters-Gas Detection Band Pass

Other types of IR filters include short-pass filters designed for the MWIR and LWIR spectral ranges, (Iridian recently shipped over 6000 filters of this one IR product alone); long-pass filters; beam-splitter filters and anti-reflection coatings for the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR.

Standard IR Filters

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Custom IR Filters

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