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Application Notes

Band Pass Filter Tutorial

Band Pass Filters (BPFs) are used to pass (transmit) a range of wavelengths and to block (reflect) other wavelength on either side of the bandpass. The region of high transmittance is known…


CWDM Filter Tutorial

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) filters are designed to multiplex and de-multiplex wavelength signals in metropolitan, access and enterprise networks and for Cable TV applications. In addition…


Dual Band Filter Application Note

Dual band pass filter (DBPF) applications are at the leading edge of fiber optical modules and systems. Using DBPFs is a new concept in multiplex and de-multiplex module design used in optimizing wavelength ranges or channel management. The application of DBPFs makes it possible to reduce the component quantity in optical modules, enhances their performance, […]


Etalon Tutorial

A Solid Etalon Filter (SEF) is used to select a periodically spaced frequency grid from a broad spectral range. The key specifications


Optical Interconnects for Data Centers- Lighting the Cloud

Introduction As data storage and computing resources move into the cloud the demand on data centers for storage and data transfer capacity has increased dramatically over the last decade (ref. 1). Stored data needs to be accessed and transferred constantly to and from these datacenters as well as within the data center and this has […]


Tap Coupler – Beamsplitter Tutorial

Tap couplers filters and beamsplitters are used to reflect a specific percentage of incident light over a broad wavelength range and for a specified angle of incidence. Beamsplitters and tap couplers can be specified…