Raman Spectroscopy

Iridian supplies a number of the leading OEMs with the optical Raman filter technology required for their analytical Raman and 3D Raman instrumentation and also serves the research, prototype and replacement market.

Raman spectroscopy utilizes a high intensity laser source to illuminate a sample and then analyzes the inelastically scattered Stokes and/or Anti-Stokes light emitted. This technology is used in bench top and hand held optical instruments to identify unknown chemical or molecular compounds as the Stokes/Anti-Stokes emitted light is essentially a spectral fingerprint of the sample that is being illuminated. It has the advantage that the same spectral information can be obtained using a wide range of Laser excitation wavelengths.

The emitted light is very close in wavelength to the excitation light, therefore very steep filters (notch or edge pass) filters are required in order to attenuate the laser signal from reaching the detector while transmitting the weak emitted light signal. In addition, Raman laser line filters, with high transmittance and extended deep blocking, are required to ensure that only the desired wavelength illuminates the sample. High quality dichroic filters are also used in some spectrometer designs.


We offer the following filters for your Raman spectroscopy needs:

Raman Spectroscopy Tutorial

Raman Laser Line Filters

Raman Notch Filters

Raman Edge Filters

Dichroic Long Pass Filters


Iridian offers custom designs and prototypes to high volume manufacture of Raman notch, edge or laser line filters.  Please contact us for further information.


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