Automation Engineer


Department: Research and Development

Location: Swansea

Reporting: JD


Summary Statement


Iridian is seeking an enthusiastic Automation Engineer looking to join an agile and fast-paced manufacturing R&D team responsible for automation of a suite of cutting-edge vacuum thin-film deposition systems and post-processing equipment.


This is a multidisciplinary role that is responsible for developing technical solutions to advanced manufacturing problems in all areas of operation.  The role encompasses all phases from design through development and implementation, as well as ongoing operational support and process troubleshooting.  The ideal candidate will have broad interests in engineering, computing, instrumentation, mathematics, and physics; additionally with a passion for continued learning and fresh challenges.


Major Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Maintaining and improving existing manufacturing systems.
  2. Development of new automation systems.
  3. Troubleshooting, debugging, and solving problems
  4. Work with R&D, manufacturing, polishing, and characterization groups as required to implement new manufacturing processes.


Qualifications and Skills


  1. Passion for solving complex problems and continuous learning
  2. Degree in engineering, computer science, physics, or equivalent.
  3. Strong programming skills and interest, both UI/HMI and front-end work as well as business logic, process sequencing, and SQL database interaction.  Familiarity with concurrent and multithreaded software development.  Machine vision experience a bonus.
  4. Able to collaborate with various groups and to prioritize work.
  5. Strong manual technical skills, especially mechanical and electrical (wire fitting, soldering, using mechanical tools, etc).
  6. Familiarity with automation systems, PLC ladder logic, industrial I/O, servo and stepper motors, pneumatic actuators, relays, contactors, analog and discrete sensors, PID, and various communication protocols.
  7. Familiarity with IT systems and networking, particularly in a Windows domain environment
  8. Excellent communication skills, ability to generate clear, precise reports and documentation.
  9. Familiarity with vacuum systems (mechanical, cryogenic, turbomolecular pumps) a bonus
  10. Familiarity with AC or DC magnetron sputtering a bonus
  11.  Familiarity with optics, lasers, imaging, and spectroscopy a bonus


Working Conditions


Work is divided between design, development, and implementation work with a typical day seeing a mix of desk-based work as well as hands-on debugging, troubleshooting, and implementation work on the factory floor.



Type of Supervision Received


Works mostly independently to prioritize and perform tasks under direction of (JD).  Mentoring and on-the-job training will be provided as needed. Performance is reviewed by (JD) as specified in the company policies.  Extensive on-the-job mentoring and learning opportunities will be provided as needed.


To apply, please submit a current resume/CV and cover letter.


Please send resume submissions to:

Kate Ferguson

Iridian Spectral Technologies

We will contact only those considered for interviews.


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