CWDM 2Skip0 (2x0)

The 2Skip0 (2×0) filter is used to transmit two adjacent CWDM channels and reflect all other CWDM channels in the S, C, and L wavelength bands. Iridian designs custom CWDM 2 skip 0 filter solutions to fit your requirements. Some product examples are shown below.

GraphCWL [nm]Operating WL Range [nm]Pass Bandwidth [nm]Reflect Channel Isolation [dB]Product
CWDM 1480 2Skip014801450 - 1650>35>15CWDM 1480 2Skip0
CWDM 1520 2Skip015201450 - 1650>35>15CWDM 1520 2Skip0
CWDM 1560 2Skip015601450 - 1650>35>15CWDM 1560 2Skip0
CWDM 1600 2Skip016001450 - 1650>35>15CWDM 1600 2Skip0

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