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Frequently Asked Questions If you see a rainbow pattern on a soap bubble or on a film of oil you...

Handheld Raman vs “Fingerprint” Applications and the Different Optical Filters that Enable Them

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful and increasingly ubiquitous analytical tool capable of identifying molecular constituents of samples under test and, when combined with microscopy, exploring specific cellular structures and functions. Non-invasive, non-contact, requiring no sample preparation or chemical tagging – it is no wonder that Raman has established a presence as an invaluable analytical technique both in labs and in the field.

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Hybrid Gain Flattening Filters in Optical Fiber Amplifiers

Much like vehicle hand cranks in their day, the use of a gain flattening filter (GFF) paired with a wavelength- division multiplexer (WDM) in optical fiber amplifiers – such as erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) — has been accepted not because it is ideal, but because a superior solution had yet to be created. Until now.

This article explains what a Hybrid GFF is and how it works. It also details the advantages of using Iridian Spectral Technologies’ Hybrid GFFs in lieu of a conventional two-filter setup in EDFA and other optical filter applications.

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The Right Filter for MWIR Equipment

Utilization of mid-wavelength, also called midwave, infrared (MWIR) light is critical in many areas, including thermal monitoring of equipment and homes; gas absorption; military enhanced-vision systems for imaging vehicles, people, and terrain; and environmental monitoring of gases. Even diagnosis of pregnancy in dairy cows, among other applications, can productively use infrared in the MWIR range.

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