Improving IR Sensing Applications with Edge & Band Pass Filters

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Infrared (IR) sensing applications are becoming more valuable in a wide range of scientific fields, including thermal imaging, biomedical sensing, and gas detection. However, the accuracy and efficiency of IR sensing can be significantly enhanced through the use of edge and band pass filters. These specialized optical filters play a crucial role in selectively allowing desired IR wavelengths to reach the detector while effectively blocking unwanted ambient light. This blog post aims to explore the importance of edge and band pass filters and their advantages in the field of IR sensing.

Optical Filters in IR Sensing Applications

In the context of IR sensing, optical filters are widely employed to control the transmission of IR radiation based on their cut-off wavelengths. The cut-off wavelength determines the boundary between the transmitted and blocked spectral regions, defining the spectrum of infrared radiation that the filter allows to pass. This is paramount for several reasons.

Firstly, these filters help reduce system noise, leading to an improved signal-to-noise ratio. By selectively blocking unwanted wavelengths and ambient light, optical filters enable the detection of specific IR wavelengths of interest, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the measurements. Secondly, optical filters can enhance the sensitivity and selectivity of IR sensors by isolating the specific IR bands and minimizing background interference. This is particularly important in applications such as gas analysis, where the accurate detection of specific IR wavelengths is crucial.

Edge Filters in IR Sensing Applications

Edge filters, also known as edge pass filters, are an important type of optical filter used in IR sensing applications. These filters are defined by a cut-on or cut-off slope, which helps the selective reflecting or transmitting of one band of wavelengths while reflecting or transmitting the second band. Edge filters can be customized to work with a range of wavelengths, from the UV to LWIR.

Advantages of Edge Filters in IR Sensing Applications

Edge filters offer several advantages in IR sensing applications. Firstly, their ability to separate specific bands of wavelengths enables precise detection and analysis of IR radiation. This is particularly useful in gas detection, IR imaging, IR cameras and high dynamic range (HDR) IR imaging applications. Secondly, customized spectroscopic edge pass filters are available for various wavelengths and angles of incidence, making them versatile for different scientific experiments and industrial processes.

Band Pass Filters in IR Sensing Applications

Band pass filters are another essential optical filter widely employed in IR sensing applications. These filters allow a specific range of wavelengths to pass through while blocking the rest. This selectivity is highly advantageous for isolating specific emission lines or bright lines in an IR LED or other sources of infrared radiation. In gas analysis applications, for example, band pass filters are crucial in isolating the IR wavelengths associated with specific gas emissions or absorption lines, enabling accurate and efficient detection.

Advantages of Band Pass Filters

Band pass filters offer numerous advantages. By minimizing background interference, applications such as thermal imaging, where the mid-infrared band of electromagnetic radiation is utilized for imaging in the dark and tracing heat signatures, can be improved. Band pass filters also find extensive use in biomedical sensing, as they enable sensitive detection of various biomolecular and chemical signals using mid-IR light. 

Improving IR Sensing Applications with Iridian

Edge and band pass filters are used in various scientific fields, including thermal imaging, biomedical sensing, and gas detection. By utilizing the capabilities of these filters, researchers and professionals can unlock new possibilities in IR sensing and contribute to advancements in multiple domains.

Iridian Spectral Technologies specializes in developing custom bandpass and edge pass filters to meet your IR sensing requirements. Our filters are manufactured using energetic sputtering and evaporation in the 10-15um range, guaranteeing a robust, long-lasting coating that remains stable in various environmental conditions. Through these processes, we achieve a high level of durability, ensuring the longevity of our filters. Furthermore, our filters exhibit exceptional transmittance, allowing the passage of light from the visible spectrum to the mid-to-long wavelength infrared (MLWIR) range, spanning from 300nm to 15um. 

Contact a member of Iridian today to learn more about making the most of optical filters.



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